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Telecommunications and PRM Solutions

For many years now, MILESYS has been active in the telecommunication business and People with Reduced Mobility (PRM) solutions.

From simple solutions based on an interactive call point implemented in an airport terminal to a complete modular system fitted with:

  • Interactive Call Points

  • Indeed, since the application of the European Commission's regulation EUR 1107/2006, MILESYS has developed specific products that matches all of the expectations of this regulation, adapted for all kinds of airports and structures, indoor or outdoor.

  • PRM Management System

  • SAVHAN provides a full monitoring of PRM activity, simplifies the assistance work, increases productivity and gives a complete management view of the ongoing events as well as a simple analysis of the past.

    The user-friendly interface gives an awesome feeling of the system. The dashboard provides an immediate view of the service level agreement standing. The various steps of implementation provides your fitted solution.

In each area, MILESYS offers robust, scalable, open-ended and easy to maintain products, solutions and services which are adapted with your requirements.

MILESYS has been working with airports for over 10 years, offering reliable and customized solutions throughout Europe taking into account the very specific requests of clients, and has developed products capable of withstanding extreme climate conditions.

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