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Call points and displays

In order to improve information and accessibility, MILESYS offers products and solutions for public-access buildings.

  • Reception points adapted for all people, with live videophone communication between clients and receptionist
  • Call points, cab call points adapted for all people, with live communication between clients and receptionist
  • PRM intercoms for PAB: an easy solution, fully compliant with regulations linked to disabilities
  • Displays giving relevant information to your clients
  • Multiservice Call Point offers in public area an easy and user-friendly access to different services
  • Integrated and compact solutions for easy management of intercom communications through dedicated at the reception and emergency

In order to implement the regulation No 1107/2006 of the European parliament concerning the rights of disabled passengers travelling by air, MILESYS offers a Reception System for Disabled People including call points, operator positions and a software suite especially designed to manage the assistance of disabled people in airports.

This system is an efficient solution to the regulation and has been installed in around ten airports among the largest in France, in the 45 Spanish airports and in some other European airports.

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