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Recorder Systems: VSLogger-Adutante telephone recording software

Use your phone recorder from any PC

VSLogger telephone recording software allows you to record unlimited analog, digital, T1/E1, ISDN or VoIP lines. Access your recordings from any PC on your network, over the Internet, in a web browser, wirelessly via PDA, or over the phone.

Install VS Logger on as many computers as you'd like, at no extra charge! Empower anyone in your organization with as many or as few permissions as you'd like.


How companies use VS Logger

Telephone recording software that pays for itself.

  • Resolve disputes & protect yourself from lawsuits
  • Reduce data entry errors and customer misunderstandings
  • Detect & deter security breaches or inappropriate calls
  • Coach & motivate employees using example recordings
  • Learn which sales offers & techniques work best

Record, share, and improve

Easy to learn and easy to use.

VS Logger telephone recording software is easy to use with many powerful features built in to help you to:

  • Reduce liability and errors with it's "Record" features
  • Improve call quality with it's "Share" features
  • Give management the data it needs with it's "Improve" features

VS Logger has language support for Arabic, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.


 Live monitoring demo movie

  • Listen to live calls with one click
  • Quickly rewind live calls with instant replay button
  • Add text notes, grades, or tags to a live call

 Recording automation

  • Start and stop recording via one of 12 triggering actions
  • Record all or particular lines at the trunk or extension
  • Record unlimited analog, digital extensions, T1/E1, or VoIP lines

 Auto archiving

  • Automatically back up to DVD, or Network drives
  • Choice of 3 compression rates from 6MB/hr to 29MB/hr
  • Remotely monitor disk usage and set reminder alarms

 Powerful search filters demo movie

  • Search and sort recordings by 12 different criteria
  • Example criteria: agent, caller ID, dialed numbers, note, etc.
  • Calendars make searching a date range easy

 Email call recordings in a click

  • WAV file recordings can be easily shared via email
  • CRC watermarks files making recordings tamper proof

 Integrate with databases

  • Trigger recordings with an API
  • Pass data from VS Logger to a MYSQL database

 Remote access

  • Scalable password protection for remote access
  • Access recordings via LAN, PDA, phone, or the web
  • Unlimited seat licenses at no extra charge

 Custom notes

  • Attach custom text notes to any recording
  • Attach account or P.O. numbers for quick access

 Exportable reports demo movie

  • Generate one of 9 preset reports in a single click
  • Create and save custom reports, graphs and charts
  • Run reports on all or only particular sets of lines

 Quality control tests demo movie

  • Create custom quality control tests or use one of 4 presets
  • Grade calls while listening to them
  • QC tests reports can be used for employee reviews

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