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Telephone and radio recording software

Thanks to its telecom expertise, MILESYS, a leading supplier of professional telephone recording, offers the VS Logger-Adutante range.

MILESYS has choosen a scalable solution and non-proprietary, granting the investment.

The telephone interface cards and drivers (for non IP needs) lay on the technological leaders of the market, i.e. the AUDIOCODES and SYNWAY companies.

The application software, based on a Windows client-server and Web HTML5 technology, intuitive and easy to use, is developed by the VERSADIAL company, which has more than 300 dealers throughout the world.

The customers:

  • Rescue centers (fire services, EMS)
  • Transportation (airports, semaphores, ports, railway control centers, urban transportation control rooms)
  • Security (remote surveillance, police, municipal police, police force, customs)
  • Health domain (SOS doctors, doctors appointments, medical urgencies) and legal domain (legal aid and consultation)
  • Banking sector
  • Call centers
  • Enterprises

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Legal requirements according to the laws on Recording in each hosting country

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