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Validation and maintenance tools, supervision

Simulation tools

Such tools reproduce the environment of a complex system, such as train automatic pilot. This helps validate the equipment in any operation mode: nominal, fail-soft and intensive.
Such tools are essential for tracing and reproducing tests.

  • Standard informatics platform (PC, VME)
  • Specific interfaces: Profibus, CAN, Speed sensor, Track to train transmission
  • Adaptable testing conditions, library of messages
  • Multiview user interface, with real-time displaying
  • Modules of analysis, help and regression tests

On-board equipments

  • Recorders for railway signalling maintenance, with remote control and PC analysis
  • Specific controllers for maintenance applications


  • Railway signalling equipment remote surveillance
  • Displayer supervision
  • Collecting of maintenance call point system alarms
  • Remote control of energy stations

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