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Cab Call Point

Cab Call Point   

The MILESYS Cab Call Point is specifically designed to support disabled people.

The Cab Call Point from a height of 2.4m exists in 2 versions:

  • One allows a taxi driver present at the station to answer a phone call application support
  • The other allows a user to call a taxi call center to be supported

The Cab Call Point for taxi drivers to respond to calls of support is equipped with a flashing light on top of visually indicating an incoming call.


These two call points are fully compliant with regulations linked to disabilities.

  • Call button between 0.9 and 1.3 m
  • Magnetic induction loop for clients paired
  • Illuminated button indicates the status of operation of the terminal
  • Alphanumeric display two lines of text
  • Receiver for remote control blind with playing a sound message
  • Registration in Braille

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